1. Fishing Activities
    Learn how to fish with fellow sport fishers. We fish both in fresh and salt water for trout, walleye, sturgeon, as well as salmon, steelhead, halibut and bottom fish both with private boats and charters.
  2. Monthly Meetings
    Find out where the hot fishing is. In addition, we have speakers who talk about the latest fishing news, equipment, and trips being offered in the area. An annual banquet is the highlight of the year where raffle and auction items from local vendors are offered to our membership.
  3. Member Benefits
    We offer member children (pre-teens) a week at the Orcas Island's Environmental Camp. Relationships with store vendors which offer us discounts. Learn fishing techniques, meet friends with experience fishing in the Northwest, and participate going on fishing trips to new places.
About the Club
The Poggie Club of Washington - Seattle Chapter
It started with a group of guys in the early 1930’s when a few guys were fishing in Ballard. Others there made fun of them and said that they would only catch “poggies” with the gear they had.
They later started a club and called it the Seattle Poggie Club. In 1932, it became a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation. It’s mission statement, to preserve and perpetuate salmon and other natural resources for future generations. This allowed us to return to the environment, the resources we enjoyed.
With chapters also in Kitsap and Tacoma, past members included judges, marine biologists, mayors, leaders in our state’s fisheries management, and many other political leaders. The Shilshole Marina ramp in Ballard was named after Poggie Eddie Vines, and the West Seattle’s boat ramp was named after Poggie Don Armini.
Come join us during our monthly general meeting which is open to the public. Whether it is fish and habitat conservation, or fishing for salmon, trout, bottom fish, or steelhead, you will enjoy being in our club.
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Next General Meeting

Date: Wednesday January 16th, 6:30 PM.

Poggie Notes:

 The Seattle Poggie Club Awards Banquet will be Saturday, April 6, 2019.  Please reserve the date and contact Poggie Nick Franz at 
[email protected]  or 253-270-2756 for details.
 Also, if you would like to volunteer or become involved by soliciting prizes or making a donation for our fund raising auction and raffle, please let us know.  Thank you.

Newly elected club officers on web site.

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We also have outings and activities scheduled throughout the year.  See the below link concerning upcoming activites.   Also, see our fishing contest web page to see who are leaders are.
Fishing Contest
Club Officers
Directions To General Meeting
  ​We morn the passing of Poggie Roger Eggebraten.  He was one of our longest existing members of the Poggie Club. 

Poggie Roger Eggebraten and Poggie Jerry LaFrance fishing the Tengu. 

     We are deeply indebted to the many companies and club members
that provided products, services and time to support the Seattle Poggie
Clubs recent fund raising event.  As has been our practice, we are
listing those merchants on our web-siste and hope that our membership and
followers will show appreciation by patronizing these companies.
Also included are Poggie Club members who provided services
and merchandise to make our event successful.  Thank you.
Individual Contributors

Poggie Al Logan                                       Pamela McElmeel                  Poggie Irene Zebroski
Poggie Anthony Kennedy                      Rick Tabor                               Poggie John Kamikawa
Casey Kelly                                                Poggie Rudi Schaffner          Poggie Nick Franz
Dr. Michael Taggart                                Susan Hashimoto                  Chief Poggie Henry Zebroski 
Poggie Dr. Mike Karbowski                   Poggie Tim Dickinson           Poggie Tom Neu

Dr. Paishan Chen                                    Poggie Thomas Butler